Parentsactive was established in 2001 to support families of disabled children in Hammersmith & Fulham. The Children and Families Act of 2014 has meant that all local authorities must involve families and children in discussions and decisions relating to their care and education. 

Parentsactive provide a support network, regular training sessions and work with the local authority to help shape services for disabled children and young people to ensure that their needs are met. We do this by getting the views of local families and working in partnership with education settings, health providers and other relevant bodies within the local authority; this allows us to highlight when things are working well or challenge when improvements need to be made.

Parentsactive and its membership has grown over the years and during that time we have held many events and workshops relevant to disabled children and their families. By joining Parentsactive, we can collectively make a difference to the lives and experiences of our young people.

Parentsactive is led by the Parentsactive lead, Nandini Ganesh, she is supported by our admin and accounts assistant Reema Sharma and a steering committee of volunteer parents. The steering committee meet regularly to help plan activities and direct the overall focus for the forum. 

Our steering committee is chaired by Mary Melsom and the committee members are; Ageno Ochola, Alexandra Adamma Uduji, Colette Anazodo, Debbie Moses, Lisa Johnson, Marie Canning,  Siri Lewis, Martin Schouten and Zenab Abdirahman

Our parent organisation is Hammersmith and Fulham Mencap and our funding comes from the Third Sector, The Local Authority and we also receive a grant from the Department of Education.

I joined the Parentsactive Committee because I believe as a parent with a special needs child that our collaboration is more effective in channelling issues that affect us. It is imperative to have a platform like Parentsactive whereas individuals our personal needs can be officially communicated, and as a united group we should continuously keep on highlighting that "the personal is indeed the political" to local authorities and related official bodies.
Ageno Ochola
Steering Committee member
Parentsactive and its members have been a huge support and inspiration to me and my daughter Mia, who has cerebral palsy. I have been inspired by my experience as a committee member and feel empowered and able to support others. I am proud to support them as they continue their work in supporting families of children with disabilities.
Hayley Wedgbury
Previous Steering Committee member