By joining Parentsactive you make all our voices stronger

Parentsactive is open to parents and carers that look after a young person aged 0-25, who you consider to have additional needs or a disability.

You must also have a connection to the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. 

Membership is completely free and will provide you with regular updates on relevant information, we will also notify you of our upcoming events and training sessions. You will have the chance to connect with others and share advice and experiences.

As a Parentsactive member, you can be as involved with Parentsactive as little or as much as you like and are able to; You can just sign up to keep informed or to attend and regularly participate in our sessions. We do also encourage and support Parentsactive members to be part of external committees and participate in the development of services relevant to SEND children.

To sign up please use the form below or download using the button at the side and email it back to us.

“Parentsactive has been a lifeline to me as a special needs parent, providing support and guidance on what my child’s rights are, and how I should go about it.  Parentsactive made me feel no longer alone and lost in the system, but supported, and that is so very much appreciated.”
E. Fields

“I am thankful as a new member of Parentsactive. I’m learning a lot through other parents’ experiences and struggles. I’m also grateful for attending meetings with different topics and hearing advice from experts. And most especially I know I have family and friends I can count on when I need help.” 
K. Villanueva

Get regular updates and information relevant for your family

Connect with others and join a network of parents and carers in similar positions to share experiences, tips and gain advice

Attend regular Coffee Mornings, Focus Groups and Training Sessions with organised visits attended by professionals from the local authority, health and therapy services. Your experiences and insights can help to influence and improve support and care provision for our children and young people

This information is used for grant monitoring purposes